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Magane Len or Kyoune Len is a Heavy Metal version of Kagamine Len. His surname 凶音 (Kyoune) means "Misfortune Sound".


--->Toy <---
---> Child #1, Child #2, Child #3 <---
---> Pleb #1, Pleb #2, Pleb #3, Pleb #4 <---


|| Knife || || Phone || || Hair ties || || Candy ||

|| Gender ->Male
|| Age -> 17
|| SO -> Pansexual
|| Height -> 5'7'"

Won't get out of bed <- Mood ||
Dying <- Status ||
Failing<- Mental status ||
Whining about food<- Doing ||
Where's Hagane?<- Thoughts||



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I need to change my page


Magane Len(ard)

He has light yellow/green hair, ear piercings, two red piercings on his right eyebrow and a single red one on the right side of his lower lip. His left eye has red or black make-up/a tattoo under his right eye, as well as a blue skull a demon wing on his right arm. His eyes are blue with a red ring inside of them. He wears a black jacket with the right sleeve missing and the left sleeve attached to a black arm warmer by some strings. He has a red string wrapped around his right arm, below his tattoo. He has on a red studded collar, an R-Lock necklace, and a yellow tie and a white/grey ripped shirt underneath his jacket. His has a brown belt and black pants with straps on them, with the right leg tucked inside of his boot and the left one not. He has on dark green/black boots, with a chain and black studded anklet on his right one. The idea for the Hagane Vocaloids was created by hansi, they are Heavy Metal Version of their original counterparts. The original group included just the derivatives of Miku, Rin and Len.


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c-andybaIism Featured By Owner May 5, 2016
" Leeen! "
/ pouts

" You look really different... You do know that Halloween has passed... Right? "
" Anyway-- "
/ sniffs
/ sniffs more

" I smell candy... "
" M-May I have some? Please? "
/ smiles
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piko-chama Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2016
Magane-samaaa~ Are you there? I miss you...~
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" Fucking sick piece of shit!"
-- Tsk --
" Are you mental or what? "
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